Using the Unity Animation System

Stealth Game & Cinematography

Objective: Look into the animation system in unity

The Animation system in unity is fairly simple and easy to use and edit. To start creating Animation, we need to open the animation tab so go to Window>Animation>Animation.

To start animating, create a animation in the gameobject you are going to animate.

Now you can click on the red record button to start recording and make changes slightly in the first frame to store the default value and you can then move to the higher frames to generate a animation value.

Here, I have one default value and another value at 0.4 sec. In the second stored value, I have moved the cube to the left and up so after I stopped the animating and preview then you can see that the cube is going to take the shortest path to get to that value.

If you want to move left first before going up then you need to separately define going left first followed by going up.




Unity Developer

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Niraj Karki

Niraj Karki

Unity Developer

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