More Productive Editor Layout in Unity

Day 3- Making 2D Space Shooter Game

Unity is a robust development engine with many features, and as a result, it has a large number of editor windows. To help make the work environment more approachable, the default layout features only major windows most commonly used during typical development.

The default editor is designed to fit all the developers so it is not the best and most productive editor window. How you set-up your unity editor makes a huge difference in your productivity.

This is the default editor provided by the Unity but if you are making any application, you notice that you need to continuously switch between game view and the scene view which can be very time consuming.

To get rid of most of the drawbacks using the default editor, we design what we call a professional editor.

To start designing a professional editor layout, we first go to layout on the top right of the editor and select tall layout to make the most of the space available in your monitor.

After you have selected the tall layout, you can now left click, hold and drag the game view to the bottom of the editor window. By doing this, you can already see the massive difference it made. You can now work on your scene and see how it looks in the game view at the same time.

If you are working on a mobile application with a full portrait view then it would be easier for you if you set your game view as image above

Another thing to note is that in the project view, you can only see inside one folder at a time and it can be frustrating when you are building a game or an application with the presence of so many folders and files.

To get around this issue, you can click on the three dots on the top right of project view and select One Column Layout. You can already see a difference in the image as you can open and look inside multiple folders at the same time.

Now you can go to the layout on the top right an select the drop down with tall layout and select Save Layout. Give your layout a name and hit enter and now you have a professional and more productive editor layout to work on.

If you don’t like it then you can always go back to the default editor layout by selecting the same drop down and selecting default layout.

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