Introduction to Timeline in Unity

Stealth Game & Cinematography

The Timeline is a feature in unity that allows you to visually edit music, play/make animations, show/hide gameobjects, control particles, etc and the time of the edits.

It is mostly used to make cut-scene, cinematic, or game-play sequence to bring life to your game/projects.

Adding a Timeline is really easy. Go to Window>Sequencing>Timeline

After the Timeline tab is added in the project, select the gameobject to add the timeline into and select create in timeline, give it a name and save. Now, on top left of the timeline tab, you can see a drop-down with a ‘+’ symbol and from there you can add animations, audios, cinemachine camera, etc.

You can add the animation track for playing or creating animations(just click on red record to start making animations and hit that same red button again to end animation after you are satisfied), audio track for adding audio, cinemachine track to add cinemachine cameras,etc.

Play around with it and see for yourself how amazing this tool is.

Unity Developer