Hidden Shortcuts to Make Level Design Easier

Guide To Beautiful Games In Unity

Objective: Give some hidden shortcuts to make level design easier

You can copy and paste a gameobject instantly by selecting a gameobject and pressing a shortcut Ctrl + D.

You can rotate gameobjects individually even if you select multiple gameobjects but you can also rotate all gameobjects as single unit by converting the toggle tool handle position from Pivot to Center.

If you want to position your gameobjects properly then you can drag them to the position but it will change position in float value but if you move the gameobject while holding Ctrl then it will move in int value making it easier to align.

You can also mix in more than one gameobjects to make an unique gameobject and be able to use it like a normal asset by creating it as a prefab. You can do this by dragging the parent of the unique gameobject inside assets to create a prefab which then can be used as a normal asset.

The unique thing about prefab is that you can make changes to all other prefabs by making changes to a single prefab or you can keep the changes as unique among all other prefabs.



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