Creating a Sci-fi Lab Room

Guide To Beautiful Games In Unity

Objective: Create a Sci-Fi lab room using the assets from Filebase

First of all create a floor using the sci-fi floor from Filebase. To perfectly align the gameobject, you can hold control when moving the gameobject.

As for the wall, first create two new prefabs using the existing floor prefab which then can be used to create a wall.

We used the created prefab to form a wall by placing them alternately. To properly place a wall, you can select the gameobject and hold V then snap it to the connecting gameobject.

Now import column asset from filebase and create a column and archway to support the ceilings.

Now place the columns that best fits the scene and archways in the hallway which lead from door to room and vice versa.

Now create a strut which will hold the ceilings using the columns.

For the ceiling, copy the floor and rotate it 180 degree and move it in position. Add strut for support and other assets to create a depth and variation from the floor and the ceiling.

Now create a support structure using the assets from the floor.

Then download terminals, test-tube and stairs for the lab room environment. Then place it in place to make it seem like an experiment is being carried out inside the test-tube.

Then create cubes and place it on the floor and walls to create colliders so that player can move around but cannot move outside the bounds of the room. Then add box colliders to the columns, terminals and test-tubes to prevent passing through them.



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