Creating a Player Idle Animation

2D Mobile Game

Objective: Create a Player Idle animation

First go to Windows > Animation >Animation to open the animation tab where we are going to add the animation sprite of the player.

Then with the Sprite selected, click create to create an animation for the player.

Give the animation a name and save the file in the desired location. It is best to create a Animation folder and store inside to create a clean working environment.

Then with the Sprite selected, hit the record button and make sure that the animation is Idle_anim if you have other animations already. Then select the first sprite of idle and select the last sprite holding shift to select all other sprite in-between and drag them to the animation panel, stop recording and you are good to go.

Note that you can also left click the 3 dotted button on the right of the animation time and select the set sample rate and choose your preferred sample rate to slow down the animation as needed.

And this is the final result.




Unity Developer

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Niraj Karki

Niraj Karki

Unity Developer

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