Benefits of Prototyping without Assets

Day 16- Making 2D Space Shooter Game

A prototype is an early sample, model or a release of a product created to test a concept or process. It is use to evaluate a design to improve the base concept of the game.

Good user experience takes time to design through constant iterations. Prototypes can be used at every design stage to test ideas, the main aim being to enable designers to test and discover the functionality and usability of the product. The flexibility of prototypes is the main selling point, the ability to test early and often is a huge bonus, allowing designers to discover any issues as early as possible.

It is possible to implement your design idea without going through a prototype but the most important part in game development is to make game playing fun not only look good so when prototyping without an asset, your main focus is going to be user experience instead of game looks. It will help you reiterate your design process without having to worry about how the game is looking. So after the foundation is laid by prototyping, you can start designing your game using asset with the already built prototype as a foundation.

The game looks the best when functionality meets design so the main benefits of Prototyping are:

  1. It provides functionality and interactions
  2. Detects errors earlier and save time and money
  3. Improves efficiency
  4. Help build solid foundations

And some others.



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