Animated Tile Sets in Unity

2D Mobile Game

Objective: create and add animated tile in our scene

To start off, lets import the assets required for the animated tile. You wont be able to see 2D tilemap extras in normal unity registry so you go to settings and select enable preview package which will then allow you to find all the preview package which includes 2D tilemap extras required for animating the tiles.

Now create a folder to store the animated tiles and then right click on it then go to Create > 2D > Tiles > Animated Tile to create a tile to animate.

Then import the texture used for animation and change its texture type to sprite, sprite mode to Multiple and select the Sprite editor to slice the texture.

After slicing the texture, select the created animated tile and provide the total number of texture slice you have and drag them one by one individually to their respective position.

Then you might want to create a new palette to store those animated tiles, create a new palette and drag the animated tile and you can now use these tiles to design the scene.



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