Adding Spider Walking Animation

2D Mobile Game

Objective: add a walk animation to the spider

First of all select the Walk animation sprite and set the sprite mode to Multiple. Then hit apply and select sprite editor.

Here, select slice and grid by cell size then give the proper pixel size for your sprite which in this case is 256 x 256 then hit slice and select apply and your sprite is ready for animation.

Then with the sprite in hierarchy selected, open the animation tab(ctrl + 6) and Select the drop down below preview and select create new clip. Give it a name Walk and store in your desired location.

Now, select the red button beside preview for recording and shift select the first and last frame of your animation sprite to select all the sprite from first to last and then drag those sprite in the animation panel.

To change the sample rate, select the three dotted points beside the animation time, select set sample rate and select the one you need.

And this is the final result.




Unity Developer

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Niraj Karki

Niraj Karki

Unity Developer

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